Detrapel’s proprietary coatings are the safe, effective and revolutionary alternative to PFAS and other legacy materials that are harmful to human health.

Detrapel is an advanced materials company that develops safe protective (PFAS-free) coatings with a single step application and various best-in-class properties that are proprietary. The company partners with its customers to deploy and apply their coatings in a variety of market verticals with a focus on food packaging and footholds in specialty textile and B2C. Detrapel has received FDA approval to use their formulas in medical devices and food packaging with a >100 fold performance increase over current paraffin wax-based coatings. Fitz Gate co-invested in the company’s Series A round with Material Impact, a deep tech fund with a focus in materials science-based companies. Detrapel’s founder David Zamarin pitched an early version of Detrapel to Shark Tank in 2017 and received offers from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

David Zamarin

Founder & CEO