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Fitz Gate portfolio company Cheers Enters Exclusive Partnership with Largest Convenience Store Supplier in US

By November 27, 2023April 5th, 2024No Comments

Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc. (LDSP), the leading supplier of health and beauty products to retail and wholesale customers in the convenience channel, and Cheers, the leading brand in alcohol-related health and wellness in the U.S., have joined forces in an exclusive distribution partnership to introduce Cheers’ products to the convenience, travel and hospitality channels. This collaboration will promote smarter drinking habits by helping on-the-go consumers support their livers & feel better the day after drinking alcohol.

“Over half of American adults regularly consume alcohol, and those 145 million Americans are primed to purchase it within the channels we serve. Our collaboration with Cheers will introduce alcohol-related health products to the market, effectively satisfying an untapped demand in the marketplace,” says Hayley Fry, Senior Director of Marketing at LDSP.

LDSP has expanded its product offerings to include two of Cheers’ best-selling products, making them accessible to their network of 180,000 retail partners nationwide. Among these offerings is Cheers Restore, an after-alcohol aid, designed to be taken after responsible alcohol consumption or before bed. Additionally, Cheers Relief, a next morning aid, is available for consumption the morning after drinking, aiming to help individuals feel closer to 100% the following day.

About Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc. (LDSP)

Founded in 1974 to provide convenient relief to travelers, Lil’ Drug Store Products (LDSP) today serves approximately 180,000 retail locations including convenience stores, travel and hospitality, and other alternative retail locations. With its growing roster of brand partnerships, LDSP has become the #1 supplier of name-brand and private labeled health and beauty products to retail and wholesale customers. LDSP proudly serves the point-of-need marketplace that includes convenience stores, hotels, airports, cruise lines and others.

About Cheers Health, Inc.

Brooks Powell founded Cheers in 2014 while an undergraduate at Princeton. Working out of his dorm room and with the help of his professors, he developed the now-patented combination of dihydromyricetin and cysteine for alcohol recovery. Following a successful human study, Brooks pitched Cheers on the season 9 finale of Shark Tank in 2018, propelling the brand into the national spotlight. Since then, Cheers has sold 25 million doses to half a million people—making it the #1 brand in alcohol-related health and wellness. Recently, Cheers won Top 10 in the 2023 NACS Cool New Products Showcase as well as Core-Mark Curated. Cheers is rapidly expanding and is now sold in thousands of retail locations nationwide — including Walgreens, Albertsons, Kroger, Hy-Vee, Meijer, & Wegmans.

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