Tendo’s patent-pending hardware and proprietary software measures and monitors the real-time fill level and/or pressures of cylinders in-transit and fixed inventory from outside the cylinders while also providing valuable geolocation data.

Tendo specializes in developing advanced technology for the industrial gas, compressed gas and liquids industry. Their fill level solution optimizes the entire cylinder lifecycle so companies can eliminate thousands of tons of annual waste, reduce costly overhead, and benefit from real efficiency savings, while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

Their patent-pending solution is the only one on the market that offers accurate fill level measurement for all types of on-site and in-transit industrial gas inventory (external to the cylinder).

Tendo’s unique IoT device and software system is creating the industry’s first and only comprehensive industrial gas supply chain management and predictive intelligence solution. This integration will revolutionize the way companies manage their overall operations, offering unprecedented efficiency and insight into their industrial gas supply chains. With hundreds of millions of industrial gas cylinders in the global supply chain and no way to accurately measure and manage their fill levels, the status quo results in thousands of tons of annual environmental waste, lost inventory, supply chain interruptions, disruptions to production and revenue, and reduced profit margins.

Yuyang Fan

Co-Founder & COO

Marcus Hultmark

Co-Founder & CTO