Recent portfolio company investments:


Counting among its customers Evite, Discovery, American Red Cross and Tinder, Pledgeling is the world’s first charitable giving and social impact platform that helps build stronger relationships between organizations and people. Pledgeling provides tools and expertise to easily collect charitable donations and demonstrate the positive effect of its customers’ giving program. Since 2015, Pledgeling has empowered thousands of people and organizations to do good and raise money for over 1,000 nonprofits.


Uplevel Security

Uplevel Security is the industry’s first adaptive system of intelligence that uses graph theory and machine learning to modernize security operations. Analysts no longer need to investigate incidents in siloes, and enterprises now have a system of record for security intelligence. Uplevel’s platform is a force multiplier for enterprise's SIEM that gives organizations the active intelligence needed to reduce the number of incidents that require investigation, provide contextual analytics throughout the response process, and keep historical records that inform and predict future threats. Enterprises rely on Uplevel Security to activate intelligence from the security stack, put that data to work, and produce more flexibility and return on investment from security infrastructure.


Predata, Inc.

Predata is a cloud-based web application that provides anticipatory intelligence for political market events by synthesizing open-source metadata from across the web and then applying machine learning algorithms to that data for the benefit of governmental organizations, think tanks, hedge funds and other financial institutions. Predata is led by CEO and co-founder Jim Shinn who is a lecturer at Princeton (where he received his undergraduate and PhD degrees) and previously Jim was an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and the founder of Dialogic which ultimately went public. Jim also served in the State Department, the CIA and was the Assistant Secretary of Defense.



RocketVisor is the brilliant browser company; it delivers enterprise collaboration and process management solutions for sales teams via an advanced browser extension.


Optimal Dynamics

Founded by Warren Powell ‘77, professor in the Department of Operational Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University since 1981, Optimal Dynamics' software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate how trucking brokers match loads to carriers and provides carriers with the most accurate load recommendations. With the ability to predict load requirements up to a week in advance with 99% accuracy, Optimal Dynamics is a revolutionary new technology, based on decades of research out of Professor Powell’s Castle Labs at Princeton University. Trucking in the US is a $300B+ industry.


Quantum Circuits, Inc.

Founders are three Yale Professors (one of whom is a Princetonian); world leaders in quantum physics; Rob Schoelkopf (Princeton '86 ) is Professor and Director of the Yale Quantum Institute (team of 65 researchers) and was recently inducted into the National Academy of Sciences; winner of the Fritz London Prize and other awards relating to his expertise in quantum computing. QCI is developing the first general purpose quantum computer (the chip, the software and the programming interface). The goal is to be the Intel, IBM and Microsoft of a second wave of the information age. Quantum computers will be millions of times faster than silicon chip based computers of today.


Overtime Sports

Based in NYC, Overtime is funded by Greycroft Ventures, Fitz Gate Ventures, 645 Ventures, Correlation Ventures, other leading VC firms and includes former NBA Commissioner David Stern and NBA players among its investors. The company was co-founded with WME | IMG, the largest sports agency in the world, and the team behind Overtime is responsible for mobile apps with hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. Overtime is building the largest sports platform in the world focused exclusively on video highlights for non-professional sports. The combination of mobile app with highlight capture and grassroots community is scaling with 98M+ monthly views.


Smartasset, Inc.

The web’s largest personal finance platform with a patent pending automated financial modeling technology that provides accurate, easy-to-understand answers to important financial questions. Since October 2015 Smartasset's monthly audience has grown from 4 million to over 40 million, and SmartAsset has created partnerships with CNN Money, AOL, and Time, among others.